wowgolds:The New Draenei of Warlords of Draenor were displayed by Blizzard

World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion will feature a major graphics overhaul for the almost-10 year old MMO. Blizzard have been slowly teasing the new character models of Warlords of Draenor; most recently with a new look at the male Draenei. As you can see from the new screenshots, the model has had a pretty subtle redesign – most noticeably gaining HD head ridges.

Wow Golds: Recommend a good wow power leveling website

We recommend you a good wow power leveling website, if you are a wow player can look at WOW4PL.COM

Blizzard's designers: the future of warcraft PvP will adopt matching mechanism

Today,we will tell you a news from Blizzard's designers about WOW PvP maby adopt Matching Mechanism,so what do you think about this?Just share it with us.

Revelation of azeroth:11 Secret unknown place of WoW

For a long time, players can always find interesting Easter eggs in the game. Blizzard has always been such as pop culture, mysterious puzzle and interesting metaphor into the world of warcraft. Let's lead everyone to find out, even their mysterious veil.

Revelation of azeroth 11 Secret unknown place of WoW(II)

We have introduced three places of azeroth,we will continue to tell you the secret place of azeroth in WoW today.Now let's just have a look these amazing places!

Warcraft patch 5.4 out of print, achievement and title

In patch 5.4, because part of the map, great changes have taken place, so blizzard will also remove the corresponding story line, tasks, daily and achievements, some of these achievements is related to the titles available, there are also some achievements in patch 5.4 open into a glorious deeds. So let us to know the detail.

Blizzard friends website developers interview summary

Blizzard friends website developers interview summary: resolution of 5.4 Last week, many developer blizzard friends stand all did MOP5.4 interview, today let's collect some developers'idea about WoW to the media.

Blizzard blue stick: RPPM class items in the opening of the trigger mechanism changes again

We felt that we will all triggered effects and cooling ability pile used in PvE combat becomes widespread, this brought bad influence to the entire game experience. For those who have multiple RPPM trigger mechanism of the membership of the items, the beginning of a battle has become too important. It is affecting the selection of equipment, and for those who are unable to make the fullest use of these mechanisms is a kind of punishment, we don't want to fight so team operation.
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