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Warcraft patch 5.4 out of print, achievement and title

In patch 5.4, because part of the map, great changes have taken place, so blizzard will also remove the corresponding story line, tasks, daily and achievements, some of these achievements is related to the titles available, there are also some achievements in patch 5.4 open into a glorious deeds. So let us to know the detail.


The battlefield:barren land

In patch 5.4, the battlefield: most barren land of daily tasks and related special goods, will be removed. Patch updates, players will be unable to obtain trace unseen caron equipment or dark spear insurgents equipment, also will not be able to complete the achievement subversives "tribes" or "dark" spear insurgents to obtain relevant achievements.

You can still through the slew of barren land in the monster with library caron name for "raptors leather gloves" and "stone" the call's rocky. However, now began to collect the stirring spirit "in the" it's too late to change the whole library caron equipment, but maybe you can just days before the arrival of the 5.4 patch, and friends to gather together, such as "Gerry v tower quality goods giant magic slippers" such a thing.

Achievements: the immortal valley

In patch 5.4, jinxiu valley landscape has undergone earth-shaking changes, and for those who are still in the valleys make adventurer, may have already can't see the golden lotus taught before in gold pavilion. Disappear there and watch the magic of ancient Chinese globeflower teaching.

For those who haven't completed the valley of the immortal achievements of the players, you don't have much time left! Once the patch 5.4 after launch, the achievement will become another achievement - glorious deeds, previous achievements was unable to complete. It will be you experience Chinese globeflower teaching popularity storyline's last chance, prestige to respect, reverence and worship will advance the story line.
Although patch after launch, players can still kill monster or challenge elite monster ways to increase the popularity of the golden lotus to teach, but for those who want to complete the golden lotus quests for players, in complete Chinese globeflower teach daily tasks at the same time, to find and kill rare elite "war praise dara angel" and "scouts" dara war, they all have the opportunity to drop items "stolen Chinese globeflower teach badge", it can promote 1000 points. In addition, don't forget to finish their farm every day tasks - "order products: lotus II", and select the golden lotus taught as a copy of the random and battle scenes. Finally, remember to buy "golden medal" after worship to get prestige double speed.
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